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Project Description

Adjustable Sea Kayak Paddle

Type: SKP-P10
Blade Surface: 637cm²/98 sq in²
Blade Size: 50cm/19.6″ x 16cm/6.3″ (LXW)
Blade Material: 100% Carbon Fiber (Plain)

Shaft Type: Oval
Shaft Construction : 2 PCS Adjustable Straight Shaft
Shaft Material: 100% Carbon Fiber

Total Weight: 630g±20g
Total Length: 200-230cm (Including 10cm adjustable)

Paddle blade with PVC foam core, professional clear coated blade technology with handcrafted, All Set Paddle blades No paint, Mirror effect.

  • Full carbon fiber kayak paddle
  • 2 pieces adjustable straight shaft
  • Oval carbon fiber shaft
  • All aluminum alloy adjuster, 10 cm length adjustment
  • Super light weight


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