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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if any of your questions are not answered here. We’ll be more than happy to assist you. We are at your service.

Does Set Paddles as a paddle factory?

Yes, we are professional OEM paddle factory that only produces  different kind of paddles base on customer’s order. Our mainly product including: SUP paddles / Kayaks paddles /Dragon Boat Paddle/Canoe Paddle/Outrigger Paddles

Advantages on Set Paddles: 

  • Aluminum alloy mold for all the composite material blades.
  • Hand laying-up, One-Step Forming, Clear Coated blade finish, the latest advanced production technology on blade produce.
  • No Paint Spraying Process

How can I order paddles?

You can send your order either via e-mail ([email protected]). When ordering please make sure to include:

Your full name

Your company full name (if any)

Full delivery address

Contact person and phone number

Detail requirement for order

How can I custom the paddles?

We offer 3 ways of cooperate

You may choose the paddles from our exist paddle arrange

Step 1: Browser all our exist paddles

You may choose the paddles directly from exist 6 series paddles, for over 3years, our company have introduced thousands of people to have quality paddles at affordable prices through our factory directly. Let us help you find the one that’s right for you.

Step 1: Give us your logo; we customized your paddles with your own logo

We strive to build the Highest Quality, a Best Looking and Best Performing paddle at customer’s required.

Step:3 : Tell us your needs , We customized your order

Our independent R&D department has ability of design & manufacturing aluminum mould to make the unique design paddles according to your sample or drawing or sketch.

We warm welcome OEM order.

What is the lead time for paddles?

App.2-3 weeks, although in urgent cases we can complete the order within 7days.

What are the acceptable payment methods?

When purchasing directly from us, there are multiple payment options:

  • Paypal acceptable for sample order for trial order with total amount around USD1000 prior to delivery
  • Bank Transfer (T/T ) : transfer the payment to our company account
  • A Letter of Credit (L/C at slight ).

What is the acceptable delivery method?

  • By EXPRESS (door to door) DHL, TNT, EMS, Fedex.
  • By SEA
  • BY AIR

What is the warranty for our paddles?

All paddles are covered with a 1-year warranty 

Whom do I contact when servicing is required?

You can count on us no matter what the problem is. Just send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will do all we can to solve the problem asap. Please contact with [email protected] whatever the paddles you brought from our distributor or you purchased directly from us.

How do I pick the right length for my paddle?

We have a paddle size chart to which we refer most all our customers. You can find our best recommendations; there is a lot to consider when choosing the correct paddle length. The reason we give a range of paddle lengths is because of the differences in paddling postures, paddling techniques, board styles and water conditions. Use this chart as a starting point. However, it is always best to try out a paddle by yourselves.

What is the benefit of a carbon paddle?

Light swing weight and stiffness. The stiff nature of carbon allows us to use less material, thus lighter swing weight while still achieving our high specification standards for performance, durability and strength.

Who’s responsible for the paddles during the freight?

If we organize the delivery, we take full responsibility for any damages that may happen during the freight.

Are there any other parts which might need replacing? How can I replace or repair it?

If your paddle handle broken, we can send the new one for replacement at your cost .Or you can order replacement parts directly from us at Contact Us.

How do I clean my paddle?

You should clean your paddle with clear water before storage. If you have been using it in salt water, be sure to rinse the paddle thoroughly.

We recommend soft dishwashing soap for best results.

How do I store my paddle? 

Our paddles are produced from in high quality composite construction. Composite materials products require maintenance which extends the lifetime of your paddles:

Store your paddle away from direct sunlight; A paddle bag provides the best overall protection when store it.

Is your entire SUP Paddle Blade available with ABS edge?

No, not all our sup paddle blade can attached with ABS edge due to blade design, pls check the blow information to help choose right paddle

Edge With ABS: SP-SM,SP-TM,SP-WM series

Rimless:SP-KM,SP-KSM,SP-XM series